Confession room is a premium BDSM boutique that creates the most luxurious, comfortable and sexy lingerie you will ever own. Our Harnesses are made with ultra soft suede paired with the highest quality Italian vegan leather, to make our lingerie feel like a second layer of skin.


Why buy from us?

Because it's all about you! You are our biggest inspiration. Confession Room was created with the dea to empower women instead of objectifying them. Our mission is simple - we want all women to live each day authentically, boldly and with a persistent air of confidence. 


How do we achieve this?

With what we do best. The three pillars of Confession room are COMFORT provided by the adjustability of all harnesses, helping you indulge in the experience. QUALITY without a compromise. We are able to provide such quality thanks to our in-house production. FEEL, so you get that empowering feeling, the moment you put on your new Confession Room harness.